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A Unique Programme Series for participants to grow through a quest journey and continuous practise their public speaking skills in real life situations

Tweens&Teens SpeakOut!  is a public speaking enrichment programme that builds self-confidence and social emotional intelligence to enhance communication skills of the participants. 

Program Structure

The aim of Tweens&Teens SpeakOut! programme is to provide a platform for participants to practise their public speaking skills in real life situations to build up their skills to become proficient communicators.


[Day 1: SpeakOut! Lab Learning]

Learn all about public speaking through hands-on activities and receive feedback and coaching in a fun, friendly and safe environment. Participants get the opportunity to build their confidence when speaking to anyone, whether addressing a crowd, a small group or one-to-one. And that’s not all, participants will be discussing topics that matter to their social emotional wellbeing, held within the safe space of the TraqKid Enrichment Centre. 


[Day 2: Experiential Public Outreach]

Participants will be tasked to speak in a public space or forum. Parents can expect their children to speak in public spaces such as in malls and event spaces, corporate venues and radio stations. Where the opportunity arises, participants will be given the liberty to organise the event, thus working alongside adults in discussions, meetings and coordination.

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