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Technologies and Parenting

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

I suppose every generation feels like they are exploring new and foreign terrain because, well, as parents we all are. In our era, the unsolvable mystery is technology. And more specifically, is how we parents use technology. (and even grandparents)

Most of us probably, ( I am one good example) manage our entire lives from one device: our family, friends, work, school, calls, message, photos, videos, finances, social media, entertainment… the list goes on. We do not even memorize phone numbers or birthdays anymore.

While the internet and social media has made is easier for us to communicate with each other, as the world can connect in a snap of the finger, the saturation of it will slip us into something called “snapshot parenting”, sparking assumption and comparisons based on the carefully selected snippets of what we see online and the tendency to only show case the blissful side of parenting so as not to “lose out” in the digital arena.

Some things like “camera eat first” has now taken over the tradition over addressing the elders as parents may no longer show case the same action. So, IRL, I need to ask my mother to eat first, and not posting her cooking to my aunt in Singapore while we are all waiting for her to start the dinner.

One thing is for sure, the Internet has increased our access to information. Have a question? Just ask Google. Parents have questions and the Internet has the answers. (Or at least an answer.). There are even best practices online. And parents nowadays have often used to convenience of google to identify the “reason” behind certain (and often, negative) “behaviour” of the kid, instead of having an actual conversation with them.

Finally, we are constantly stuck in the screen time dilemma. How many of us has read about the report about how screen time changes the kids brain? Where we read it from? Newspapers or from the Internet? See the dilemma here. While we are worry about screen time and kids, we are still obtaining information via screens ourselves.

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