About TraqKid

In TraqKid, we strive to help parents to create Rings of Safety for their kids with family enrichment, community empowerment, and technologies enablement.
TraqKid was originally created when we noticed a shortcoming in the common tracking devices or apps. They are great as trackers but lack the capability to respond to emergency situations when parents need assistance most. TraqKid is the only proactive preventive kit with end-to-end support that parents can subscribe to, where emergency assistance can be mobilised when the need arises.

TraqKid is now a certified Kid’s Health, Safety and Enrichment (HSE) Consulting and Training company. We research and develop unique and effective solutions that keep our children Enriched, Enabled and Empowered.

  • Enrich – to foster healthy, nurturing relationships with children and client by investing energy, time and effort in building each relationship through effective communication

  • Empower – to put our hands together to build a support system where each member (children and client) feels valued, respected and supported so they can find the power and resources to find productive solutions

  • Enable – to provide every member (children and client) with the opportunity, resources and infrastructures to enable them to reach personal and business breakthroughs to achieve a win-win solution for all