Rings of Safety

In TraqKid, we design Kid’s Health, Safety and Enrichment solutions and build a support system where kids feel enriched, enabled and empowered.

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Each of us should put our hands together in building strong and resilient neighbourhoods where individuals, families and children are valued and supported. With the existence of such family support system, many families can find the power and resources they need to raise safe, healthy and productive kids.

As part of building this strong and resilient community, TraqKid have set up a 24/7 Kids Focus Response Team. This team consist of trained call centre agent and nationwide safety net.



A healthy, nurturing relationship with your child is built through countless interactions over the course of time. It requires a lot of energy and effort, love and patience, but the rewards are well worth it.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to know more of other options to communicate shared by doctors, coaches with real life experience? 

TraqKid offer continuous communication enrichment programs for parents and their kids so that the safety tips transpired by the parents are well received by their kids.

#kidsafetyislife Enrichment Programs
Kid Safety Through Effective Communication
Coming Soon - Family Self Defense
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Kids today are part of the digital generation. Gadgets and social media influences are leading the kids to "mature" faster than the previous generation. Provided with good usage and open communication, mobile technology is great enabler of many kids.

TraqKid use technology to enable parents to be able to know where their kids are. We can't prepare our kids for adulthood by dragging them back to the world we lived in as kids. It's our job to embrace it and teach our kids how to use them correctly.


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